Bonsai for Beginners - where to start?

You think bonsai for beginners is so difficult? Well, yes it's difficult, if you don't know where to start.

Beginning any new things make us awkward feeling. Why? because we human being don't feel convenient about being junior in something.

But, before we continue, I have something to clear from this right moment. You have to ask yourself whether you love it, or just want to learn it by accident.

This hobby is really time consuming and before you decide to dive into it, you need to determine whether it worth such huge amount of your time. If you don't really like it, well just do whatever you want, don'tk care much about where to begin. What i am to say not to discourage you, but just to warn you to feel about your thinking, to save time and effort.

In case you you truely love it, go for it, you can't be wrong. Bonsai is a amazing living art, which makes you enjoy your life much better. So let's start the topic of bonsai for beginners with basic question:


First you need to understand that bonsai tree is not a specific species of tree. Rather, it is a style or an art of playing with trees.

Well, let's talk a little about the definition of the art. BONSAI (pronounced "bone sigh") originated from a Japanese word, which means "tree in a pot". Literally, "bon" is a tray-like pot, and "sai" is a planting.

In brief, bonsai tree means a tree planted in a pot. That's it. But keep in mind that when we say "bonsai" we already talking about a tree grown in a pot. it's that simple.

Click here to learn more about bonsai tree meaning. Besides, you may also want to learn more about history of bonsai.


Because these trees are very beautiful and stylish. Especially they look like giant old trees. The first impression when I stand beside and look at a miniaturized tree, I have strong feeling that I am a giant in a fairy tales. You know why? Because I look much bigger than a giant tree, which make me feel interesting and pleasant.

Bonsai horticulture brings people closed to nature. Tree is typical component of mother nature. When you enjoy nursing and playing with trees, your soul gets closer to nature.

Bonsai tree demonstrate a living strength in nature. In Asia, that style teach people a lot about how to live in their life: be strong, brave.

So are you feeling the same with above? If you are, surely you love this art-form. And you want to start your own tree? Then move to the next steps: how to start a bonsai, or how to choose beginner bonsai trees after you have general understanding about bonsai for beginners. Or, if you're willing, try other topics like growing bonsai seedlings.

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