Choosing Bonsai Stores

Choosing good bonsai stores is a good step to nurture your bonsai hobby, though you are a novice or already an expert in the living art.

To bonsai fanciers, bonsai shops are among the most common sources to collect trees. The others include local nurseries, nearby gardens, and fellow bonsai enthusiasts.

Besides purchasing, with necessary skills, you can propagate bonsai trees using common bonsai techniques such as: cuttings, air layering, seedlings, etc… Practicing these activities likely takes longer time than buying at bonsai shops, yet you can train your work of art from the very beginning.

How to choose bonsai stores

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing a bonsai store:

  • Find stores located near your area, or at least not so far so that you can visit again for another purchase.
  • Check the reputation of the shop and experience of the owner and company. Like choosing any other shops for purchasing, bonsai stores should be credible in terms of doing business.
  • Visit the store and see firsthand their products, see whether they have various bonsai stuff for sale there. Besides plant, a good bonsai shop usually sell everything related to bonsai, including fertilizers, potting soil mixtures, river rocks, ceramic pots, humidity trays and more.
  • See profile of full-trained bonsai trees to exam their competence. A good store should have tracked records or information about the bonsai trees they’ve successfully trained, sold, or maintained. In many cases, a well-prepared booklet may help you to find such information.
  • If all above are fine, go checking prices of your desired trees or tools, and compare with that of other shops, if possible. That way helps you ascertain whether the store is selling at reasonable prices or not.

All above suggestions give you quite enough necessary information to make decision on which bonsai outlets are the most suitable to you.

Buy from online shops

If you want to buy from online shops, that’s fine. Shopping online provides a fast and convenient way in today’s living. Purchase of bonsai trees, tools, supplies and accessories, etc… is not an exception.

Buyers can surf webs, choose a reliable bonsai retailer, find the desired plants, place order, make payment, etc… everything online. Then, they need to wait a few days for delivery, just like any other e-purchase.

For safe and convenient purchase bonsai online, you might want to see a separate page about buying bonsai trees online.

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