Grow Bonsai Trees

You want to know how to grow bonsai trees? Great! In this article you’ll find many useful guidelines to complete your desire.

First of all, you need to get prepared by exposure to the bonsai world. There’re several ways: reading about bonsai; looking at bonsai trees, especially masterpieces available to you; talking to experienced growers, etc. More information can be found in the article How to start a bonsai tree.

When you’re ready with basic knowledge, move on to the next steps: Finding out how to get a tree to make your wish come true. Below, we’ll examine common methods of increasing your bonsai stock.

  • Growing from seeds - It's a fairly simple process where you nurture seeds into young trees. This method takes a great deal of time and the germination rate may not so high. Yet, it’s pretty cheap, simple, and you can control your training from the very beginning. (Read more about Bonsai seedlings)
  • Growing from Cuttings – Growers can cut off pieces of branches and grow them to create additional trees. This is a useful method to propagate various rare species of bonsai trees. Most cuttings are pretty easily rooted in proper environmental conditions.
  • Collecting trees from the wild – This is one of the most interesting and rewarding way of acquiring bonsai material. You should keep your eye open with common sources such as: nearby forest, local garden and farm. Keep in mind that getting the land owner’s permission is a must.
  • Buying nursery stock – This is a fast way to acquire young pre-bonsai material to grow bonsai trees. You can train the tree right away without waiting long time as several other methods.
  • Buying from bonsai stores – It’s also a nice way to get your desired trees in short time because local bonsai stores are always happy to serve you. Online bonsai retailers are also a convenient way you can think about. By purchasing, you don’t need much time to have a pre-bonsai tree or a finished tree. You might want to read more about Buying bonsai trees.
  • Layering – This is a good way to start a new tree from mother branches. The principal of layering is to force a branch to form new roots at a certain point by interrupting the stream of nutrients from the existing root system. This advanced technique includes two types: air-layering and ground-layering.
  • Grafting - By grafting you surgically place a graft (the upper portion of the trunk, including branches) on a stump (the root system and a small portion of the trunk) to create a new tree. This technique is often used to combine strengths of two different plants together in one new plant.

Upon getting necessary material, you need to take care of your trees so that they can grow healthily. This job needs several skills such as watering, fertilizing, re-potting, etc.

After duration of taking care, your trees can live well, but you still need to train them to become bonsai works of art. So, you also need to master distinctively bonsai techniques such as pruning, wiring, styling trees. A separate article will demonstrate how to train your bonsai trees.

With all above information, I already know how to grow bonsai trees. Just do it step by step, you’ll definitely succeed in bonsai horticulture.

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